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We are numbers people, whether it’s looking at a pro forma summary or analyzing the investment details. We love data.  But that’s not what makes us successful — it’s our commitment to our clients and maintaining good relationships.

We have a proven track record of success in representing buyers and sellers of multi-family investment properties —  standing by our clients through the whole process, while focusing on their investment  goals.

We have the word “advisor” very prominently in our business name for a reason. We are here to help investors any way we can with the optimism of building credibility through knowledge. This is what you can expect from a dedicated, relationship-oriented, niche agency.

With every prospective transaction, we add value because of the number of transactions we have completed; there is no greater wisdom than experience. Whether you are trying to sell your portfolio or are looking to invest for the first time in a multi family apartment complex, you can rely on our knowledge, expertise, and proactive approach to accomplish your goals.

Cities we specialize in brokering: St. Louis, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau, and Columbia, MO.

a winning team

We are here to help you create and grow your wealth. 

We understand value and market conditions along with the outside factors that can affect your holdings… we’re on always on the phone and thrive off knowing what’s going on with the market.

Michael Zangara

Managing Director

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