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buyer representation

The importance of information

buyer representation you deserve

The importance of information

Apartment Advisors of America is devoted to assisting you find the right multifamily property that will meet your goals. The analysis and data we provide is second to none, which allows you to protect your returns over the course of time. We will walk you through income projections, help you better understand the real cost of operating an apartment building, and provide several suggestions on vendors to choose from, such as property management options and/or banking options. These deals can be complex, but we know the importance of information.

You can expect very detailed financial summaries that will help you during the decision making process, whether this is your first four-family unit or you’re an experienced real estate investor seeking a 1031 up-leg. Additionally, we have experience transacting with institutional type investors as well and private equity groups, as we understand the nuances of business partnerships, too.

We are your advisor

The professionals at Apartment Advisors of America will support you with all aspects of your apartment building for sale search in the St. Louis area. Allow our professional staff to provide you with full representation when purchasing investment real estate. We will be there to help ensure a smooth process, from the initial search to the offer and negotiations and finally to the closing of the sale — we’ll be there from beginning to end.

Over the years, we have built many strong relationships with financial intuitions, so you can leverage our banking relationships to help make your transaction close more smoothly. From property management, to accountants who can discuss tax questions, law firms that specialize in real estate or qualified intermediaries with competitive rates, we have many long-standing relationships with trusted, professional resources.   

We know the market

We eat, breathe and sleep multi-family properties here in St. Louis, so we have a “laser-like” focus on what is happening in the market. From the latest sale comp to current interest rates, we will share all of our insight that’s necessary when purchasing multifamily buildings for sale.

Leverage our expertise

Every property is different, every transaction is different, as is every buyer. If you’re looking for individual attention and collaborative brokerage, choose Apartment Advisors of America. It doesn’t matter what size multifamily building you are interested in, we are committed to giving you the buyer representation you deserve. And we think you deserve the best there is. 


a winning team

We are here to help you create and grow your wealth. 

We understand value and market conditions along with the outside factors that can affect your holdings… we’re on always on the phone and thrive off knowing what’s going on with the market.

Michael Zangara

Managing Director

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